Pantech Authorized Service Center


Welcome to the Pantech Authorized Service Center!

This section is dedicated to provide a quick reference to questions you may have about your mobile device.

Please look over the Frequently Asked Questions below if you are having trouble with your return.

Q1 What is a RMA?

A Return merchandise authorization (RMA) you to share with us the pertinent information regarding your contact information and problem(s) with the device to accurately repair the device and proactively communicate with you throughout the repair process.

Q2 What is the IMEI?

The IMEI is the equipment identification number specific to the device. It is a 15-digit number and is located on the label in the battery well, or on the back of the device. It is labeled with “IMEI” in front of the actual 15-digit number.

Q3 What is the SKU of my device?

The SKU is a factory assigned product code (usually a 5-digit number) that identifies the device type. It is located on the label in the battery well, or on the back of the device. It is labeled with “SKU” in front of the actual SKU number.

Q4 Where do I ship my device for repair?

Once you have completed the RMA process you may ship your phone to the following address, with your RMA number below the address.

Pantech Authorized Service Center
959 E Collins Blvd, Suite 103
Richardson, TX 75081
RMA#: xxxxxxxxx

Q5 How do I ship my device for repair?

You can ship your device with the shipping provider of your choice. It is recommended that you obtain a tracking number and delivery confirmation. You will need to keep the tracking number for your reference if there are questions about the shipment.

Q6 Who pays for shipping the device?

You, the customer, are responsible for the cost of shipping to the repair facility. We, the Authorized Service Center will cover the cost to ship it back to you, the customer.

Q7 How do I know if the phone is under warranty?

The Pantech standard limited warranty will cover your device for 12 months from the date of purchase. Refer to your Pantech Limited Warranty documentation provided in the retail box for the specifics of your Warranty. You can also find the Pantech Limited Warranty here:

Q8 What do I send with my device to the repair center?

Remove your SIM card and microSD card from the device. Send only your Pantech device and the battery, preferably with a printed copy of the RMA form and RMA number. If you don’t have a printer, please write the RMA number on the box, below the address.

Do not send your SIM card, microSD card, cables, chargers or other accessories.

Q9 How long should the repair process take?

Our goal is to repair your device less than seven (7) days after receipt.

Q10 Why are you asking for my billing information?

Out of warranty inspection and repair services require a flat service fee as listed. Once the device is received and inspected you will be contacted for approval of any additional repair parts costs.
In Warranty repairs will be performed free of charge to the customer for repair services and parts.

Q11 How do I contact the repair center?

FINETECHWIN, Pantech Authorized Service Center
Customer support: 1-469-484-6610
Hours: Monday – Friday 9:00am to 6:00 pm (CST)